Why Use SMSF superfund - SMSF superfund
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Why Use SMSF superfund

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SMSF superfund provides a comprehensive full service solution to help you manage and run your self managed super fund (SMSF). We specialise only in SMSF products and services, therefore our accountants, financial planners and auditors have exceptional knowledge and expertise in the specific area of superannuation. We are committed to providing our clients high quality support and assistance, giving you the confidence and security to manage your retirement wealth and achieve your financial goals.


For most people, superannuation is their 2nd largest asset after the family home, however most people do not have any real control over their super and how it is invested. Our inspiration for starting SMSF superfund was to create a low cost, high quality SMSF service provider which would make it affordable for everyone to take back control of their super. We have implemented the latest technologies across our business to create efficiencies and cost savings which we can then pass on to our clients.


Below is just some of the reasons why our customers choose us:


Complete Control Of Your Super

You start a SMSF because you want control and choice when it comes to building your retirement wealth. Unlike some online SMSF providers, we do not dictate what you can invest in and what banks, brokers and investment platforms you need to use. We give you the flexibility to invest in any type of legal SMSF asset that you like.

Simple Fixed Fee Structure

All SMSFs are different and administration requirements may vary for each fund. Our transparent fixed fee packages suit SMSFs of all sizes and types giving trustees the flexibility to select a service that best fits their particular circumstances. We aim to provide low SMSF fees without compromising on quality or service and with our fixed fee structure you know in advance what costs will be incurred.

Support and Advice When Needed

With SMSF superfund you have access to an experienced team of SMSF specialists, accountants and financial advisers. There will be occasions where you have questions about the running of your SMSF and how the rules apply to certain transactions. We are committed to providing continued support and assistance to give you the confidence and security to manage your retirement wealth and achieve your financial goals.

Peace Of Mind

There are strict laws which regulate how a SMSF needs to be set up, managed and run, and a breach of the rules can result in tough penalties. SMSF superfund will ensure that your SMSF is compliant with all government regulations and requirements and maintains its status as a ‘complying’ superannuation fund. Giving you peace of mind to focus on your investments and growing your retirement wealth.