Fees - SMSF superfund
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All SMSFs are different and administration requirements may vary for each fund. Our transparent fixed fee packages suit SMSFs of all sizes and types giving trustees the flexibility to select a service that best fits their particular circumstances. We aim to provide low SMSF fees without compromising on quality or service and with our fixed fee structure you know in advance what costs will be incurred. Our packages are structured based on the number and type of assets that your SMSF holds. All our packages allow for unlimited transactions throughout the year and you are free to move between packages should the requirements of your SMSF change.

  • Bronze

  • $79per month
  • Up to 5 assets of the following investment classes:


    * Cash

    * Term Deposits

    * ASX Listed Shares


    Includes annual Audit

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  • Silver

  • $99per month
  • Up to 20 assets of the following investment classes:


    Bronze package investments plus: Managed Funds, Foreign Exchange, Property, Pensions


    Includes annual Audit

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  • Gold

  • $129per month
  • Unlimited assets of the following investment classes:


    Silver package investments plus: All other legal SMSF investments


    Includes annual Audit plus Quarterly SMSF Reports

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Our SMSF accounting and compliance service packages provide you with everything you need to meet the annual administration and compliance obligations of your SMSF, including:


  • Preparation of the annual financial statements for the SMSF which includes:
    – Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
    – Operating Statement (Profit and Loss Statement)
    – Notes to the Financial Statements
    – Trustee’s Declaration
    – Statement of Taxable Income
    – Members’ Statements
    – Trustee Minutes
    – Investment Summary and Income Reports
  • Preparation and lodgement of the annual SMSF income tax return
  • Organise an independent audit of the SMSF by an approved auditor
  • Preparation and lodgement of business activity statements and instalment activity statements where required (Gold package only)
  • Organise an actuarial certificate where required (addition charges for the certificate will apply)
  • Prepare documents to commence or cease pensions where required (Silver package and above)
  • Manage communications and correspondence with Australian Taxation Office
  • Access to our technical support via email or phone

Additional SMSF Fees:

SMSF Setup (PDF document service) $199

Full Service SMSF Setup $549

Corporate Trustee Setup $799

SMSF Trust Deed Amendment $395

Trustee/Member appointment or removal $335

SMSF Wind Up $400

Special technical consultation per hour $275

Additional costs payable to external parties:

ATO Supervisory levy (which is payable to the ATO each year by all SMSFs) $259 for the 2017 year

Annual ASIC Fee (if your SMSF has a corporate trustee) $47 for a special purpose SMSF company or $249 for a proprietary company

Actuarial Certificates (only required for some pension paying SMSF’s) $176